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Upcoming Potomac Valley Track Club events:
  • Our annual Go Fourth 8K is Wednesday, July 4, 2018, at Centennial Park, 131 Church Street NE, Vienna VA
  • Complete information and pre-registration
  • 6:30 AM - Registration opens
  • 7:30 AM - 8K starts
  • 9:00 AM - 8K awards
    A Letter from PVTC President Craig Chasse
    Date: March 18, 2018

  • March 18, 2018 -- "15 World Records Set at USATF Masters Championships! -- on
  • Features PVTC members Orville Rodgers, Bruce McBarnette, and Monica Hoffman

  • We are pleased to announce the final team scores at 2018 USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships
  • Here are our team results:
    1. 1023 Potomac Valley Track Club
    2. 682 TNT International Racing Club
    3. 629 Atlanta Track Club
  • Congratulations to our individual National Champions (*WR = World Record) Betty Blank F65 3000 meter run Ty Brown M70 Pentathlon, 60m HH Craig Chasse M45 1500 Race walk and 3000 Race walk Charles Curia M35 Pole Vault Lois Dicker F75 1500 Race walk and 3000 Race walk Roy Englert M90 400 meter dash, 800m run *WR, 1500m run *WR & 3000m run *WR Lee Faulkner M45 Pentathlon Keg Good F60 3000m Race walk Tami Graf F80 3000 meter run and 800 meter run Skip Grant M80 1500 meter run Rose Green F75 400 meter dash Dixon Hemphill M90 400 meter dash, 800 meter run, 1500 meter run Lonnie Hooker M55 60 meter dash Penny Ingles F40 Pole vault Bill Klitz M30 High Jump Bruce McBarnette M60 High Jump *WR Don McGee M55 200 meter dash Jack McMahon M85 400 meters, 1500 meter run and 3000 meter run Ken Moss M70 Weight Throw Oscar Peyton M65 200 meter dash Orville Rogers M100 60m *WR, 200m *WR, 400m *WR, 800m *WR & 1500m run *WR Ellen Sutey F30 High Jump Alby Williams M75 60 meter dash and 200 meter dash Relay Champions: F60 4x800 Phillips, Blank, Mayhugh, Recto M60 4x800 Pemberton, Draim, Ryan, Wigglesworth M80 4x800 McMahon, Yannakakis, Dempster, Hemphill F60 4x200 Good, Phillips, Blank, Row F55 4x200 Morman-Matthews, Robinson, Wilkins, Frazier F60 4x400 Phillips, Blank, Mayhugh, Good
  • Congratulations to our other team members: 60 meter Hurdles F50 Dr. Koura Gibson 6th F50 Wanda Evans 8th M80 Bob Paulen 2nd M75 Thomas Gomillion 3rd F40 Penny Ingles 6th M40 Blair Todd 4th 60 meter dash F80 Violet Mies 4th F75 Rose Green 2nd F70 Suzan French 5th F60 Keg Good 6th F55 Karen Frazier 7th F55 Greta Budweg 10th F50 Dr. Koura Gibson 10th M90 Dixon Hemphill 3rd M85 Wilton Gordon Sr. 2nd M80 Larry Colbert 4th M80 Ronald Jones 10th M70 Ty Brown 3rd M70 Bob Koontz 10th M60 Ron Ginsburg 7th M55 Don McGee 2nd p-1st M55 Clifton Quarrie 7th M55 Jeremy Roberts 10th M55 Darryl Fears 14th M50 George Onyenyeonwu 9th M50 Jamie Lubliner 19th M45 Glenn Staples 7th M40 Manley Collins 14th M35 Mike Stevens 12th 200 meter dash F75 Rose Green 2nd F70 Carol Schulman 7th F65 Hannah Phillips 2nd F60 Keg Good 4th F55 Karen Frazier 9th M90 Dixon Hemphill 3rd M80 Darrell Dempster 4th M80 Larry Colbert 2nd M65 Oscar Peyton 1st M55 Don McGee p-1st M45 Johonny Fox 8th 400 meter results F80 Tami Graf 3rd F65 Hannah Phillips 2nd F60 Lib Row 6th F55 Karen Frazier 8th F50 Laura Amin 9th M75 Alby Williams 2nd M85 George Yannakais 2nd M70 John Brittain 4th M65 Scott Campbell 9th M65 Bill Ference 11th M60 Gary Vandrhoof 3rd M50 Jeff Shad 10th M50 Duane Williamson 11th M35 Mike Stevens 5th 800 meter run F55 Jody Fagnano 5th F60 Lib Row 5th F65 Hannah Phillips 2nd M30 Darnell Almanzar 4th M35 Mark Walchinsky 5th M35 James Leake 6th M40 Sam Lomax 3rd M45 James Cooper 9th M50 Jim Garster 11th M50 Duane Williamson 13th M50 Ronald Molteni 15th M55 Harris Hardy 11th M55 David Sullivan 13th M60 Curtis Davis 8th M60 Bob Draim 10th M65 Larry Washington 9th M70 John Brittain 3rd M70 Cortz Austin 11th 1500 meter run F80 Tami Graf 2nd F65 Betty Blank 2nd F60 Mary Lowe Mayhugh 6th F60 Liza Recto 8th F55 Jody Fagnano 5th F50 Marilene Ceron-Rutter 3rd F45 Yuko Whitestone 5th M85 George Yannakakis 2nd M65 Alan Pemberton 2nd M65 Paul Ryan 3rd M65 Larry Washington 6th M65 Jay Wind 11th M60 Henry Wigglesworth 3rd M60 Jerry Franklin 9th M60 Curtis Davis 15th M60 Bob Draim 17th M55 Mark Neff 3rd M55 Ted Poulos 14th M55 Bruce Becker 15th M55 Mike Fagnano 17th M50 Jim Garster 12th M50 Duane williamson 15th M50 Chris Johnston 18th M50 Ronald Molteni 19th M50 David LaMay 22nd M45 James Cooper 8th M45 Jose Idler 11th M35 Mark Walchinsky 3rd M35 James Leake 7th 3000 meter run F60 Liza Recto 5th F55 Joanne Shabelski 6th F50 Yuko Whitestone 5th M65 Alan Pemberton 2nd M65 Paul Ryan 3rd M65 Larry Washington 5th M65 Jay Wind 8th M60 Henry Wigglesworth 2nd M60 Maurice Pointer 3rd M60 Jerry Franklin 4th M60 Bob Briggs 9th M60 Bob Draim 10th M60 Gary Grimsley 12th M60 Mike Cannon 13th M55 Mark Neff 4th M55 Stephen Crelli 10th M55 Harris Hardy 12th M55 Ted Poulos 14th M55 Reichard Viola 15th M55 David Sullivan 18th M55 James Scarborough 19th M55 Mike Smith M50 Jim Gartner 6th M50 Duane Williamson 11th M50 Chris Johnston 12th M50 Ronald Molteni 13th M45 Craig Chasse 8th 1500 Race Walk F60 Keg Good 2nd F60 Liza Recto 3rd M75 Sheldon Contract 2nd M85 Andrew Briggs 2nd M80 Terry Copeland 3rd M65 John Morrison 3rd M65 Jim Wass 4th M65 Tom Augustine 5th M70 John Gersh 5th M60 Art Klein 4th M55 Terry McLaughlin 4th M60 Albert Arcand 5th 3000 Race Walk F60 Liza Recto 2nd M75 Sheldon Contract 2nd M65 Jim Wass 2nd M65 John Morrison 4th M65 Tom Augustine 5th M55 Lubin Hernandez Palomino 3rd 4x200 relays F40 Whitestone, Stehpens, Washington, Ingles, Budweg 2nd F50 Gibson, Amin, Evans, Ceron-Rutter3rd F70 Ingles, French, Abdullah, Green 2nd M30 Idler, Ofori, Stewart, Almanzar 3rd M35 Leake, Sammiec, Williamson, Todd 3rd M40 Lomax, Staples, Muir, Hall 2nd M40 Collins, Lubliner, Cooper, Chasse 4th M50 Onynyeonwu, Shad, Finney, Barr 2nd M60 Grimm, Vanderhoof, Wigglsworth, McBarnette 4th M60 Franklin, Cannon, Arcand, Draim 5th M65 Ryan, Pemberton, Washington, Wind 3rd 4x800 relays F50 Good, Fagnano, Shabelski, Ceron-Rutter 2nd M30 Leake, Almanzar, LaMay, Hannan 3rd M40 Lomax, Idler, Cooper, Chasse 3rd M50 Neff, Hardy, Sullivan, Crelli 3rd M50 Williamson, Martin, Molteni, Johnston 5th M50 Garster, Becker, Stewart, Stewart 8th M50 Fagnano, Smith, Poulos, Viola 9th M70 Masterson, Austin, Contract, Gersh 4th 4x400 relays F50 Fagnano, Shabelski, Frazier, Morman-Matthers, Good 4th M40 Hannan, Lomax, LaMay, Fox 4th High Jump F40 Penny ingles 4th F50 Wanda Evans 4th F80 Tami Graf 3rd M80 Bob Paulen 3rd M75 Bernie Stamm 3rd M55 Theo Robinson 3rd M50 Jim Barr 6th M50 James Samiec 8th M45 Lee Faukner 2nd Long Jump F50 Tracey Battle 3rd F50 Wanda Evans 6th F55 Wanda Robinson 2nd F65 Hannah Phillips 2nd F80 Tami Graf 3rd M40 Jermaine Muir 8th M45 Lee Faulkner 3rd M50 James Samiec 4th M50 Jamie Lubliner 5th M55 Greg Petrosian 2nd M60 Berni Grimm 15th M70 Ty Brown 2nd M70 Bob Weiner 9th M75 James Kenney 4th M80 Bob Paulen 3rd M85 Darrell Dempster 4th Pole Vault M45 Lee Faulkner 3rd M50 Jim Keys 3rd Pentathlon M40 Blair Todd 2nd M50 Jim Barr 2nd M55 Dan Royer 6th Shot Put F80 Violet Mies 4th F80 Tami Graf 5th F70 Wahidah Abdullah 4th F70 Suzan French 5th F65 Hannah Phillips 6th F60 Donna Barrett 5th F60 Keg Good 6th F55 Mary Wilkins 3rd F55 Greta Budweg 11th F55 Freda Chase 12th F40 LaShanya Washington 3rd F40 Penny Ingles 7th M85 Darrell Dempster 3rd M75 Hank Abbot 3rd M75 James Kenney 4th M75 Bernie Stamm 6th M70 Ty Brown 4th M70 Henry Hailstock 6th M70 David Vasholz 7th M70 Jim Pearce 9th M70 Bob Weiner 12th M60 John Urdahl 6th M60 Jeff Fisher 7th M55 Curt Foianini 6th M50 Jim Barr 8th M50 Jim Keys 11th M50 James Samiec 12th M40 Martin Rieger 2nd M40 Ibrahim Babiker 3rd Super Weight F70 Wahidah Abdullah 3rd F60 Donna Barrett 4th F60 Keg Good 6th F55 Mary Wilkins 2nd F45 Jennifer Stephens 3rd F40 Penny Ingles 3rd M85 Darrell Dempster 2nd M70 Jim Pearce 4th M70 Jerry Bookin-Weiner 5th M60 Jeff Fisher 7th M55 Bentz Tozer 4th M55 Shawn Robinson 5th M50 Jim Barr 4th M50 Tony Dziepak 5th Triple Jump F50 Dr. Koura Gibson 5th F40 Penny ingles 5th M85 Darrell Dempster 2nd M80 Bob Paulen 4th M55 Marcus Battle 6th M50 James Samiec 5th M45 Lee Faulkner 2nd Weight Throw F80 Tami Graf 3rd F70 Wahidah Abdullah 2nd F60 Donna Barrett 5th F60 Keg Good 6th F55 Mary Wilkins 2nd F45 Jennifer Stephens 2nd F40 Penny Ingles 4th M85 Darrell Dempster 2nd M70 Jim Pearce 4th M70 Jerry Bookin-Weiner 5th M60 Jeff Fisher 9th M55 Shawn Robinson 5th M55 Bentz Tozer 7th M55 Curt Foianini 9th M50 Tony Dziepak 5th M50 Jim Keys 6th M50 Jim Barr 7th M45 Lee Faulkner 4th
  • Thank you,
    Craig Chasse
    Craig Chasse, President
    Potomac Valley Track Club

    Congratulations from PVTC President Craig Chasse
    Date: July 20, 2017

    Congratulations to our team members who went to the 50th annual USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Baton Rouge LA, July 13-16, 2017

    PVTC had 20 members compete for the club, earning 6th place out of 108 teams!

    We had 12 national championships won in individual events by these 5 club members:

  • Tracey Battle: 1st in long jump, 1st in triple jump
  • Craig Chasse: 1st in 5k RW, 1st in 10k RW, 4th in 3k steeplechase
  • Tami Graf: 1st in 5k run, 1st in 10k run
  • Dixon Hemphill: 1st in 5 events (400m dash, 800m run, 1500m run, discus throw) & 2nd 3 events (javelin throw, 100m dash, 200m dash)
  • Bruce McBarnette: 1st in high jump, 3rd in triple jump
  • Plus these fine performances:

  • Bart Angier: 7th in the pentathlon
  • Cortez Austin Jr.: 11th in the 100m dash
  • James Barr: 2nd in javelin throw, 2nd in weight throw, 3rd in pentathlon, 3rd in shot put, 3rd in discus, 2nd in hammer throw, 6th in triple jump
  • Marcus Battle: 4th in long jump, 4th in triple jump
  • Jerry Bookin-Weiner: 5th in shot put, 6th in weight throw
  • Rose Green: 2nd in 100m dash, 2nd in 200m dash
  • Penny Ingles: 2nd in shot put, 2nd in hammer throw, 2nd in weight throw, 3rd in javelin throw, 4th in triple jump, 4th in discus throw
  • David Merkowitz: 2nd in javelin throw, 3rd in discus throw
  • John Morrison: 3rd in 5k RW, 3rd in 10k RW
  • Oscar Peyton: 2nd in 100m dash, 2nd in 200m dash
  • Ted Poulos: 3rd in 5k run, 3rd in 10k run, 6th in 3k steeplechase
  • James Samiec: 4th in shot put, 4th in javelin throw, 4th in discus, 5th in long jump, 6th in triple jump
  • James Verdier: 7th in 1500m run
  • Robert Weiner: 4th in 2k steeplechase
  • Jay Wind: 4th in 10k run, 6th in 5k run, 8th in 1500m run
    Thank you,
    Craig Chasse
    Craig Chasse, President
    Potomac Valley Track Club

    by Craig Chasse, PVTC President

        Potomac Valley Track Club (PVTC) is a community-centered, nationally-oriented, private, nonprofit organization that promotes running, track & field, and racewalking in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

        PVTC hosts and sponsors various events throughout the year. Among the most popular are the All-Comers Track Meets held at a local high school, every other weekend from early May to August each year. These meets provide competition for a wide variety of athletes from world class to developing youth. Attendance at our meets runs from 150 to 250 athletes on any given Sunday morning, providing terrific competition and training for athletes and officials alike. Our club members represent PVTC at National and World events; we have outstanding Masters level athletes (over 35 years of age), who have won multiple World Records and championships. Our current interest is in developing an on-going youth program for Track & Field and building a competitive team.

        Our grand event each year is the Potomac Valley Games, held on Labor Day weekend (Saturday and Sunday) each year. The games are the culminating event of the all-comer series making it our club championship meet. The games are often the USATF Potomac Valley Association outdoor track and field championship for open and master athletes. The meet also attracts athletes from across the country.

        PVTC has also provided the community with more than 25 years of traditional seasonal (Washington's Birthday, Easter, July 4, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) running races of 5 and 10k, the exception is the July 4th race (8km). All of the PVTC running races have a racewalk included at the same distances. Over the years, we have sponsored many national running events as well. Again, our members represent PVTC at National and international running events, not only in the shorter events of 5K and 10K but in marathons and in the ultra-distances as well.

        PVTC promotes the Olympic sport of race walking at a national class level. Racewalkers compete and represent our club in many parts of the United States. PVTC walkers include National class open, masters (over 35 years of age) and youth athletes. Our walkers have competed in the Olympics, Olympic Festivals, Olympic Trials, National Races, World Racewalking Cups, and World Youth Meets. We have hosted a National Invitational Walk and hope to continue that in the future. It was an event that drew our Nation's and Canada's best racewalking athletes. We also sponsor local clinics, throughout the year, to teach racewalking and to provide continued development for our current athletes.

        PVTC is a club for elite and developing athletes, and for people who just want to maintain fitness in an easy comfortable forum. Our motto is "A club for all ages, all paces and all ways."

        Come join us, compete, stay in shape, become a working member and supporter of PVTC, the rewards are great.

        To join, see our membership page or contact Jim Darr, PVTC Membership Secretary, 2806 West George Mason Road, Falls Church VA 22042 ( or call 703-481-3530.

    Thank you,
    Craig Chasse
    Craig Chasse, President
    Potomac Valley Track Club