A club for all ages, all paces, all ways
We welcome youth, open, master, and senior track & field athletes, distance runners, and race walkers

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  • Thank you for joining or renewing your membership in PVTC and for your support for our programs
  • For more information, please write our membership secretary Jim Darr at
  • As a PVTC member, you get numerous benefits including discounts at PVTC events, cool team swag like a PVTC singlet for competing for PVTC at regional/national meets, e.g. USA Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships (March 1-3, 2019, in Winston-Salem NC), a vote at our monthly meetings, and opportunity to join committees to make PVTC even better
  • If you join between January 1 and August 30, your membership is valid from the day you join until December 31 of that same year
  • If you join between September 1 and December 31, your membership is valid until December 31 of the following year - join now for all of 2018 AND 2019
  • We welcome you to our meeting on the second Thursday each month at Walter Reed Community Center, 2909 16th Street South, Arlington VA 22204
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    You may also print and mail this form with a check payable to PVTC
    c/o Jim Darr, PVTC Membership Secretary
    2806 West George Mason Road
    Falls Church VA 22042

    First Name Middle  Last Name  Address Apt  City State  Zip  Home Phone Work Phone  Fax  Cell Phone  Occupation   DOB  (mm/dd/yy) Male Female E-mail Add me to PVTC@YAHOOGROUPS.COM Special skills Omit my name in publications and results Signature Date

    ACTIVITIES in which you plan to compete:
    Distance running   Teams   Track & field   Race walking  

    FAMILY MEMBERS (for more family members include a second copy of this page)
    1. First Name: MI LastMale Female
      Relationship: Activity DOB  (mm/dd/yy)
    2. First Name: MI LastMale Female
      Relationship: Activity DOB  (mm/dd/yy)
    3. First Name: MI LastMale Female
      Relationship: Activity DOB  (mm/dd/yy)
    4. First Name: MI LastMale Female
      Relationship: Activity DOB  (mm/dd/yy)

  • Dues are $20 per year.  Renewals are due January 1. 
  • Others at same address: $5 per member 18 or older, or $3 per member under 18.
  • Maximum of $30 per address (only one newsletter per address).

    WORKER COMMITMENT:  PVTC is a self-supporting club.
    We depend on all members to support our extensive program of events.
    *  I can help in the following areas:
    Assistant Official
    Certified Official
    Food Preparation
    Fall youth track & field
    Course Marshal
    Race Director
    Social Activities
    Summer track & field meets
    Water Station
    Winter track meets at TJ
    Other Area: 

    *  I commit to working these events:
    Long Distance Running
    By George (Feb)
    Easter Classic (Mar)
    Go Fourth (4th of July)
    Cranberry Crawl (Nov)
    Christmas Caper (Dec)
    Race Walking
    Spring Clinics (Apr-May)
    Postal One-Hour (Sep-Nov)
    Fall Clinics (Sep-Oct)
    Winter Clinics (Jan-Feb)
    Track & Field and Youth Programs
    TJ Indoor Meets (Jan-Feb)
    All-Comers Meets (May-Aug)
    PVA Games (Labor Day Weekend)
    Throws Meets & 5K Run (Sep-Nov)
        (held with Postal One-Hour Racewalk)
    Young Flyers Coaching (Apr-Aug)
    Young Flyers Coaching (Oct-Dec)
    Help Officiate at Youth Meets
    Consider me for these committees:
    Long Distance Running
    Membership & Telephoning
    Race Walking 
    Social Activities 
    Track & Field 

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