Thank you for joining Potomac Valley Track Club's Young Flyers youth track & field program.

Our final practice session of the season is Sunday, December 9, 3 PM to 5 PM, at Thomas Jefferson Community Center, 3501 2nd Street South, Arlington VA.

If your young athletes picked up their t-shirts last week, please have them wear it if they can. If you didn't pick up your t-shirt last week, we have it ready for you this Sunday.

Upon arriving at the gym at TJ, please pick up your young athletes' bib numbers and pin it to the front of their shirt or shorts.

Then we move into a circle as always and go through our regular stretching and strengthening exercises.

Simultaneously, we set up areas for the 800-mete walk, javelin throw, discus throw, shot put, and long jump, each with tape measures and officials with clipboards and score sheets.

Right after circle time, we plan to start the first event track, the 800-meter race walk. Athletes can use the 800-meter race walk as a warm-up. We can use the printing stopwatch ("Time Machine (r)") to record bib numbers and times of finish in the 800m walk, one-mile, 400m, 800m, and 200m, but it's not quick enough to record times in the 55m.

During the 800m race walk, the athletes can go to their throws or jumps areas.

During the race walk, we need to assemble our six timers at the finish line of the 55-meter to record times of the runners in their lanes, to report those times to their runners, and to transcribe those times onto score sheets. (Each timer gets a score sheet and clipboard, then records the bib numbers and the times of their athletes. After the meet on Sunday, I collate all those times and prepare overall scoring.)

As soon as the race walk concludes, we invite all the athletes to the north end of the track to run the 55-meter dash, six athletes at a time.

As each young athlete finishes the 55-meter, the athlete goes back to a throws areas, the jump area, or the start of the one-mile run.

For the one-mile, we need two officials, one to count laps and one to record times and bib numbers at the finish, either on the Time Machine or on a clipboard.

After athletes finish the one-mile, they may go over to one of the throws areas or the jumps area.

After the last finisher in the mile, we begin the 400-meter run. We can run athletes in groups of eight.

After the last heat of the 400m, we conduct the 800-meter run, most likely in one heat.

After the 800m, we conduct the 200-meter run, again in heats of up to 8 athletes.

We can use Time Machine or clipboard to record finishers and times in the 400m, 800m, and 200m.

Meanwhile, each athlete gets 3 attempts at long jump, turbo-javelin, shot put, and discus. If we conduct high jump (if we have time), each athlete gets 3 jumps, setting a height for each jump. Best mark of 3 counts.

We plan to be done with the individual competitions around 4:30 PM. That gives us time for two rounds of 4x200m relays. We hope to organize those rounds quickly

Then at 4:45 PM, we have certificates of completion for each athlete. Note: if you must leave early, please collect your certificates before you leave. You may also pick up the certificates for other athletes not in attendance.

We also have certificates for each of our coaches.

To officiate for Sunday's competition, we are grateful to all the parents who volunteered:

  • Monte Evans as chief timer
  • Jennifer Beck-Wilson and Jeanne Ludwig in the 55m (we need four more timers)
  • Vennard Wright and Marc Nivet in the one-mile
  • Kerri Pagel and Wendy Shang in the 400m
  • Shanel Evans and Charles Foss in the 800m
  • Darrin Duffy and Pamela Pasch in the 200m
  • Eduardo Prestonsoto and Vannie Coles in the 4x200m relay
  • Emilio Prestonsoto in the discus throw
  • Kobie Seals Jr. in the shot put
  • Karen Sharpe in the long jump
  • The Calabrese family for bringing snacks

    It's been a great season!

    Many parents have asked about continued practice. Yes, we will continue practice, but at a much smaller scale, and during open gym hours at Thomas Jefferson Center on Wednesdays, December 12 and December 19, at 7:00 PM. No entry fee for the program. Students up to 12th grade can enter TJ for free, but parents must either be members of TJ or pay a daily entry fee to enter TJ, $8 for Arlington residents with ID, $16 for non-residents. Coach Hank Wilson will lead the workouts, and at least Coach Eric Carlson and I shall be there to participate.

    After December 19, we shal decide what to do in January.

    Here is the schedule of this winter's indoor meets:

    o Sundays, December 16, January 6, January 20, and Saturday, February 2, at Prince George's Sportsplex. See

    o Sundays, January 13, January 27, and February 10 at Thomas Jefferson Community Center. Free for young athletes. See

    o Thursday, December 27, at Hagerstown Community College. See

    You do not have to preregister for these meets.

    We look forward to welcoming you on Sunday!

    -- Thank you

    -- Jay Jacob Wind, secretary

    -- Potomac Valley Track Club