Thank you for joining Potomac Valley Track Club's Young Flyers youth track & field program.

Each week, I shall send you a message about the program on the upcoming Sunday.

Our fourth session is Sunday, October 26, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Thomas Jefferson Community Center, 3501 2nd Street South, Arlington VA 22204.

Directions: TJCC is one block south of Arlington Boulevard (U.S. Route 50) and one block east of Glebe Road (VA Route 120). Take Arlington Boulevard to Irving Street (1/4 mile east of Glebe Road). Turn south on Irving Street. Turn right (west) on 2nd Street South. Pass the tennis courts and park near the playground. Parking is free. Enter thru the main entrance, Door #12

The rest of our t-shirts are ready this week! We thank the family who picked them up from Bobby Briggs, 6207 Duntley Court, Springfield VA 22152.

Please tell your friends who have young athletes that we welcome new participants. They can sign up on-line or on paper on any Sunday afternoon. See for full information.

We thank our coaches: throws coach James Barr; sprint coaches Kurtis Anthony Blair, Eric Carlson, Betsy Peace, Joan Syers, and Hank Wilson; distance coaches Jim Darr, Jinny Lay, Abdelillah Razah, Jay Jacob Wind, Joe Witzig, and Amanda ZumBrunnen; race walk coaches Art Klein and Jim Wass; long jump coach Ernest Rutherford; and relays coach Chuck Williams

Here is our daily schedule:

o 2:50-2:55 PM: Athletes and parents arrive, enter thru Door #12, and pick up your name tag in the lobby outside the gym

o 3:00 PM: Introductions, circle time - stretching and strengthening exercises and this week's prepared lecture: NUTRITION AND THE FOUR FOOD GROUPS (NOT M&Ms, Kraft Caramels, Jujubes, and Milk Duds!)

o 3:20 PM: Break into 6 groups:

oo VERY short distance (50 meters and fundamentals) for athletes in kindergarten and 1st grade (led by Coach James Barr)

oo Short distance sprints (50 / 100 meters) for athletes in 1st and 2nd grade (led by Coach Betsy Peace)

oo Middle distance (200 / 400 meters) for athletes in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade (led by Coach Jay Jacob Wind and Joe Witzig)

oo Long distance (800 meters, one mile) for athletes in 6th, 7th, and 7th grade (led by Coach Jim Darr)

oo Race Walk for all ages (led by Coaches Art Klein and James Wass)

oo Advanced sprint for all ages -- athletes who have competed extensively at short distance races (led by Coach Eric Carlson)

oo Advanced distance for all ages -- athletes who have competed extensively at long distance races (led by Coach Hank Wilson)

o 4:00 PM: Re-group for water and break into 6 groups:

oo Sprint

oo Middle distance

oo Long distance

oo Race Walk

oo Throws - discus, javelin, shot put (led by Coach James Barr)

oo Long jump (led by Coach Ernest Rutherford)

o 4:30 PM: Regroup and form four-person 4x200 meter relay teams (led by Coach Chuck Williams)

o 4:55 PM: Regroup to thank all the coaches and enjoy post-workout refreshments

At all our workouts, we have a cooler full of water and pitchers of Gatorade (donated by Army Ten Miler) and Simone Super Energy (donated by Dr. Charles Simone).

A word from our sponsor: Simone Super Energy contains no sugar or salt (unlike Gatorade), no caffeine or stimulants, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, amino acids to support quick muscle recovery, and lactic acid inhibitors to enable an athlete to go fast without running out of breath. When I run my marathons, I drink a pre-race mix of two scoops of Simone and one scoop of powdered coffee, then I can go the rest of the way without significant stops for fluids. See for full information. If you're interested in purchasing Simone Super Energy, I shall have an order form with list prices; after I assemble an order, our order prices will be less than the list prices.

Each week, one of the families brings post-workout refreshments -- 50 juice boxes, 50 pieces of fruit, 50 energy bars. Now on our web page is the refreshments list:

  • 10/05/2014 Tamaki Nishimura
  • 10/12/2014 Jerry Chollette
  • 10/19/2014 Ken Halla, Seema Nanda
  • 10/26/2014 Kyung and Doug White
  • 11/02/2014 Chris and Erika Belen, Karen Voight, Mamie Nickelberry, Page and Renny Griffith
  • 11/09/2014 Eugene and Deitra Schneeberg, Loilette Loderick
  • 11/16/2014 Meighan and Aaron Fongyen
  • 11/23/2014 Judy & Peter Mulcahy
  • 11/30/2014 Jason Dalley, Jay & Emily Joyner, Louella & Mel Maxwell
  • 12/07/2014 Chris & Lisa Johnson, Michael Cantwell, Nate Gannon
  • 12/14/2014 Sarinda Ly


    o Please wear light clothing and running shoes (not spikes, not court shoes or street shoes)

    o On nice days, we run some of the time outdoors, so prepare for the weather -- jacket, hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen if you're sensitive

    o Please bring a filled water bottle with your name written on it. I always bring extra water bottles to give away


    I have four prepared lectures:

    o October 5: Running Equipment

    o October 12: Planning Your Training Season and Competitive Theory

    o October 19: Physiology and Human Performance

    o October 26: Nutrition -- the Sunday before Hallowe'en

    I shall be absent on November 2 to run New York City Marathon and most likely absent on November 16 because I direct a marathon in Carderock MD that morning startng at 8:00 AM, and somebody always takes 7 hours to finish.

    On those days, Coach Eric Carlson and Coach Jim Darr will be in charge.

    Dr. Don Griffith is scheduled to speak on November 9. On the other four Sundays in November and the first Sunday in December, we welcome any of the parents to present a prepared five-minute lecture on any topic that will help our young athletes. In past years, our parents have lectured on fascinating topics:

    o Posture and Balance

    o The Limits of Human Performance

    o The progression from young athlete to high school to college to national championships to International Competition to the Olympic Games

    o Allergies and how to avoid allergens when running

    On Sunday, November 23, Friends of Thomas Jefferson Park stages two races:

  • 2:00 PM - Half Mile Doggie Dash -- bring your dog and enjoy a half-mile romp, one loop around TJ Park
  • 2:30 PM - People's Measured Mile -- for all ages and abilities -- enjoy a fast race, two loops around TJ Park
  • To enter, please see
  • On a personal note, I run races every weekend. On Sunday morning, I shall run my 37th Marine Corps Marathon, and if I complete it, my 160th marathon finish. Feel free to ask me how I ran!

    At all our workouts, we welcome parents to run with their young athletes. Think of it as Suzuki running.

    We look forward to coaching your young athletes this season. Welcome aboard!

    -- Thank you
    -- Jay Jacob Wind, secretary
    -- Potomac Valley Track Club
    -- 703-927-4833