Thank you for joining Potomac Valley Track Club's Young Flyers youth track & field program!

Brief message!

Thank you for joining PVTC YOUNG FLYERS program. We look forward to coaching your young athletes on Sunday, October 25, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

We thank the following parents for picking up this weeks refreshments from Trader Joe's at 1109 North Highland Street, Arlington VA.

  • Parents of Mitchell Durden
  • Parents of Renzo Julian Gajardo
  • Parents of Henry Forbes Hughes
  • Parents of Kazuki Maeda

    The first parents to arrive at Trader Joe's will pick up clementines, the second parents will pick up bananas, the third parents will pick up breakfast bars, and the fourth parents will pick up juice boxes.

    Please join us in celebrating Coach Andy's birthday by helping him to run a world-class 200-meter dash at 4:55 PM and 400-meter dash at 5:00 PM.

    Thank you
    Jay Jacob Wind, Secretary
    Potomac Valley Track Club
    -- Thank you
    -- Jay Jacob Wind, secretary
    -- Potomac Valley Track Club


    -- President, Tidal Basin Run
    -- Director, Safety And Health Foundation