Thank you for joining Potomac Valley Track Club's Young Flyers youth track & field program.

Our workouts are every Sunday, October 4, through Sunday, December 13, 3:00-5:00 PM, at Thomas Jefferson Community Center, 3501 2nd Street South, Arlington VA.

The workouts on Sunday afternoons in October are outdoors on the lovely half-mile trail and 24-acre park around TJ.

The workouts in November and December are indoors on the 200-meter track inside TJ.

We ask one of the parents to bring 50 juice boxes, to energy bars, and 50 pieces of fruit for post-workout refreshments each week, starting October 4.

We thank the parents of Lisa Gaspari for picking up the t-shirts at our printer in Springfield. WE WILL DISTRIBUTE THEM THIS WEEK!

We thank Traders Joes, 1109 North Highland Street, Arlington VA for donating this week's allocation of food. We thank the parent of Tiago Woodyard for picking up from Trader Joes this week!

Remember that we are sponsored by Pacers Running Stores, and the only store in the DC area with children's sizes is Pacers of Fairfax, 1`0427 West Street, Fairfax City VA.

Our coaching staff includes Albert Arcand, Jim Barr, Craig Chasse, Jim Darr, Jane Greenberg, Barbara Goodman, Mark Jordan, Art Klein, Betsy Peace, Abdelillah Razah, Andrzej Sakaluk, Jim Shellington, Jen Stephens, Joan Syers, Chuck Williams, and Jay Jacob Wind. Not every coach attend every training session.

Each Sunday, please arrive about 2:55 PM to pick up your young athlete's name tag. Please bring a filled water bottle marked with your young athlete's name. Please dress for the weather on the Sundays in October when we're outdoors. If the weather forecast is chilly for a Sunday in October, please wear a comfortable long-sleeve shirt over a lightweight athletic t-shirt, and bring a hat and gloves.

The workouts always start at 3:00 PM with stretching and strengthening exercises and a short prepared lecture, then age-appropriate running (50-100 meters for athletes in grades K-2, 200-400m for athletes in grades 3-4-5, 800-1600m for athletes in grades 6-7-8) until 4 pm.

Then at 4 pm, we break for water, followed by specialties -- jumps, throws (shot, discus, turbojavelin), and racewalk, as well as more sprints and distance, plus hurdles if available indoors.

Then at 4:30 pm, we break to form relay teams. Outdoors in October, we build teamwork with shuttle relay; indoors in November and December, we run 4x200m in teams.

We finish with refreshments at 5:00 pm. We thank parents for bringing our post-workout picnic.

Sunday, November 29 -- Donated by Trader Joe's of Clarendon, 1109 North Highland Street, Arlington VA (free parking on Garfield Street between Washington Boulevard and Clarendon Boulevard), picked up by parents of Tiago Woodyard

We gather inside the gym at TJ on the seating alongside the indoor track.

With each workout, during the warm-up, one of the coaches presents a short prepared lecture. The first week's seminar in October is on equipment -- from shoes to hats.

If you are expert in a training area, we welcome you to present one of the seminars. Please contact me.

We invite the parents to participate alongside their young athletes. If you are familiar with one of the athletic skills, we welcome you to assist with coaching.

During the season, we build skills starting with endurance and hills, racewalk, long jump, and throws. Later, we add high jump, hurdles, relay handoff, and teamwork.

We usually start with 50 entrants and grow to 80 over the course of the season. Please tell your friends about the workouts -- we love to have groups of students all from the same school or neighborhood so they can practice together during the week. Sign up via

Feel free to call me any time with questions at 703-505-3567. For the recorded message about the program, call 703-927-4833.

We are honored to coach your young athlete this season!

PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY FOR PVTC'S FREE TRACK MEETS ON JANUARY 10, JANUARY 24, AND FEBRUARY 7. We also talk today about meets at Hagerstown Community College on Saturday, December 26, and at Prince George's Sportsplex on Sunday, December 27.

Jay Jacob Wind, Secretary
Potomac Valley Track Club