Welcome to Potomac Valley Track Club
Thank you for joining Potomac Valley Track Club's Young Flyers youth track & field program!

Thank you for joining Potomac Valley Track Club's Young Flyers youth track & field program!

Our last workout of this season is this Sunday, December 11, at Thomas Jefferson Community Center, 3501 2nd Street South, Arlington VA.

This workout is an actual practice track meet. When you arrive at the gym, please pick up your bib number and pin it to the FRONT of your shirt.

Also, pick up your PVTC Young Flyers t-shirt if you have not already received yours.

For this meet, we need all hands on deck. We practiced timing the past few weeks, and at this meet, we use what we have learned.

Please check in for one or more events using this handy survey form:


The schedule of events is similar to our track meets on January 15, January 29, and February 5. The schedule:

  • 2:45 PM Packet pickup
  • 3:00 PM Circle Time - stretch and strengthen
  • 3:15 PM 200-meter race walk -- all can participate
  • 3:20 PM 55-meter run
  • 3:20 PM Shot put starts -- three throws per athlete
  • 3:40 PM One mile run
  • 3:50 PM 400-meter run
  • 4:00 PM Turbo-javelin starts -- three throws per athlete
  • 4:00 PM 800-meter run
  • 4:10 PM 200-meter run
  • 4:30 PM 4 x 200-meter relay
  • 4:40 PM Post-race presentations: Certificates of gratitude to our coaches and certificates of completion to our athletes
  • We need 6 timers + 1 chief timer in the 55-meter run at 3:20 PM. Each 55-meter timer gets a clipboard. We start athletes F/M youngest to oldest, 6 at a time. The timers each pick athletes in a lane and record those athletes' bib numbers and then finish times.

    For the longer races - one mile, 400 meters, 800 meters, and 4x200m relay, we need one adult with a clipboard to record bib numbers and times, and we need one adult to time finishes electronically using our Time Machine (r).

    In the 200 meter, however, since athletes run fast and stay together,.we need six timers once again, plus a Time Machine operator.

    In the shot put and turbo-javelin throws, we need parents to measure each throw and to record the distances. Each athlete gets three throws, longest throw counts. We set up the throws circle, the tape measures, and the throwing implements at 3:00 PM so the area is ready for shot put at 3:20 PM and turbo-javelin at 4:00 PM.

    Athletes may shuttle from running events to throwing events and back, for their turns to run and throw.

    On Sunday night, I take all the time sheets home, complie them, and publish results on-line at www.pvtc.org/20161211.html

    If you enjoy your experience at the meet on Sunday, we want you to register your young athlete for free for our meets in January and February. Here are this year's indoor track meets:

  • December 18, January 8, January 22, and January 29 at Prince George's Sportsplex, Landover MD
  • January 15, January 29, and February 5 at Thomas Jefferson Community Center, conducted by PVTC (see www.pvtc.org/indoor)
  • Two meets in December and February at Episcopal High School, Alexandria VA
  • December 27 at Hagerstown Community College, Hagerstown MD
  • When you attend these meets, please wear your Young Flyers t-shirts so our coaches can find you in the crowd. You may also want to talk with each other on Sunday about carpooling to meets.

    We encourage you to join Potomac Valley Track Club. See www.pvtc.org/join

    We encourage you to attend our continued practices every Monday and Wednesday at 7 PM on the track at Thomas Jefferson Community Center. See www.pvtc.org/workouts

    We thank the families who signed up to bring snacks this Sunday, and also we thank all the families who brought snacks throughout the season.

    Thank you so much for your help this season!

    Enjoy the holidays!

    Thank you, Jay Jacob Wind, secretary
    Potomac Valley Track Club
    703-927-4833 pvtcsecretary@gmail.com