Thank you for entering PVTC's Young Flyers youth track & field program!

Now we move into the final two weeks.

If you didn't get your orange PVTC Young Flyers t-shirt today, we have them for you on the remaining two Sundays, December 3 and December 10.

On Sunday, December 3, at 3:00 PM, after our warm-up, we practice the 55-meter dash at the start of the day, then we break into the various groups:

Then at 4:00 PM, we begin our throws practice, coached by Anders Halvorsen.

Both shot put and turbo-javelin have become quite popular among the young athletes, and we want to give everyone a chance to take at least three practice throws with both implements.

Now we have a real shotput circle to use, so we can separate the shot put area from the turbo-javelin area.

If anyone among you can coach turbo-javelin, then we can have an additional practice section in the large space north of the track for turbo-javelin, while Coach Anders leads the shot put practice.

Over the course of the last eight weeks, we have trained using softballs while gradually introducing the 2-kilogram and 4-kilogram indoor metal shots.

In addition, we want to inform athletes on the distance of their throws, so we need a few more helpers at both throwing stations.

On Sunday, December 3, I provide specific training to moms and dads on timing 55-meter dash and using Time Machine (r) ( for timing distances of 200 meters and longer. I show how Time Machine links to laptop computer in real time. I also bring copies of the scoring / timing sheet so you can see how to record throws marks and track times.

On Sunday, December 10, at 3:00 PM, we have bib numbers for each of the athletes at the front desk. Please bring safety pins or other fasteners so you can affix your athletes' bib number on the front of their shirt or shorts.

After warm-up, we start with 200-meter race walk for EVERYONE, even if you have not trained at race walk. Just remember, at least one foot must always be on the floor, the foot must always transition heel-to-toe, and the forward leg must always straighten out at the knee on every stride. Coach Jim Wass will judge the young athletes. NO RUNNING!

Then we go as a group to the 55-meter start while six volunteers go to the finish line, each with a clipboard, score sheet, and pen. Each timer takes a lane and runs a stopwatch on the athlete in the corresponding lane. BE ALERT! Some athletes run out of their lanes, so watch your athlete carefully. We try to arrange the heats by age and gender, from youngest to oldest. Once athletes completes their 55-meter, they report to one of the two throws stations. Athletes not running the one-mile run may take the first of their throws immediately after the 55-meter.

Post-meet, I record all the 55-meter times and sort them by gender and time.

After the 55-meter, we divide into three groups:

After the one mile run, I use the loudspeaker to call for the 400-meter run Athletes in line for throws step out of line and report to the start line for the 400 meter run. We run heats by gender and age as much as possible. Once athletes complete their heat of the 400-meter, athletes not running the 800-meter run report back to the throwing stations to resume their competition.

After the 400-meter run, I use the loudspeaker to call for the 400-meter. run Athletes in line for throws step out of line and report to the start line for the 800-meter run. I expect just one heat of the 800-meter run. Once athletes complete their heat of the 800-meter, athletes not running the 200-meter run report back to the throwing stations to resume their competition.

After the 800-meter run, I use the loudspeaker to call for the 200-meter. run Athletes in line for throws step out of line and report to the start line for the 200-meter run. I anticipate every athlete runs the 200-meter. Heats are by gender and age. Once athletes complete their heat of the 200-meter, they report back to the throwing stations to complete their competition.

After every athlete finishes the third of three shot / turbo-javelin throws, we group into 4x200-meter relay teams. If all athletes want to compete in relays, we expect three heats.

Usually, we finish all relays by 4:45 PM. Then we present certificates of completion to all athletes and coaches. If you can attend on December 3 but not December 10, please pick up your athlete's certificate of completion on December 3. Some of our past athletes have a wall covered with our certificates!


1. I see a name take for "ELIOT" -- If you know him, please can you send me his name and date of birth?

2. Please can you help me?  We don't have permission to use the big high-jump mats stacked at the north end of the gym. I had to ask young athletes to come down off the mats several times today, and, when we gathered for the relays, I asked them as a group to stay off the mats. We want to provide a safe, well-organized environment for all of our athletes, and I'm grateful for your help. On any day before 6:30 PM, and on Monday and Wednesday nights, students are welcome at TJ for free, and I encourage exploration during those hours.

3. Want to continue training after December 10? We have a program for you! Potomac Valley Track Club hosts open workouts, always 10 x (200-meter run + 200-meter walk'n'talk) on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM sharp. The workout takes about one hour, with a lap or two warmup and a post-run stretching and strengthening session. The workouts are free, or you may donate $5 to the coach, either Elizabeth Row or me. See

Next Sunday, December 3, at 11:00 AM, I manage Christmas Tree 5K run / walk for Arlington South Lions Club and Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center of Northern Virginia, to benefit Old Dominion Eye Foundation. (This cause is ever more important to me as I watch with amazement as my own close-up eyesight fades away ...) If you know anyone who can run / walk 3.1 miles, please see


On Sundays, January 14, January 28, and February 11, 2018, starting at 6:00 PM, PVTC conducts indoor track meets at Thomas Jefferson Community Center for all age, all paces, all ways. Events are race walks, 55-meter run, one-mile run, 400-meter run, 800-meter run, 200-meter run, and 3000 meter/5000 meter runs. THESE ARE THE MEETS WE TRAIN FOR! Free for athletes up to 8th grade, $3.00 for high school students, $4.00 for PVTC members, $5.00 for all others, with $1 off if you register for all three before December 31. Please join us! I distribute entry forms on December 3 and December 10, and you can simply fill out the form and hand it back to me. For complete information, please see

(Why 6:00 PM? Just for this coming year, with construction occupying all the parking west of TJ, parking was insufficient for both track meets and church services on Sundays, so we yielded to the church. In 2019, we go back to Sunday mornings.)

On Sundays, December 10, 2017, January 7, January 21, and January 28, 2018, and Saturday, February 10, 2018, Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex at 8001 Sheriff Road Landover, MD. 20785 (301-583-2660) opens its doors at 7:00 AM for their indoor track & field meets starting at 8:30 AM. When you attend these meets, please wear your orange PVTC Young Flyers t-shirts so I can find with you during the meets. [Sorry, I won't be there on December 10 -- it's a busy day for me.] For complete information, please see

On Friday, December 29, starting at 9:00 AM, Mountain Express Track Club conducts an all-comers track & field meet at Hagerstown Community College. For INcomplete information, please see

On Sundays TBA in December and February, maybe starting at 9:00 AM, ITS conducts indoor track & field meets at Episcopal High School in Alexandria. No further information is available at this time.

We always welcome new athletes! Tell you friends they can join in the fun!

Thank you, Jay Jacob Wind, secretary
Potomac Valley Track Club