Why we do what we do: "This Workout Might Help Reverse the Aging Process, According to a New Study" in New York Magazine

Our Program

Potomac Valley Track Club hosts twice-weekly speed training sessions for sprinters and distance runners of all ages.


Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:00 PM-8:00 PM


  • April thru October:
    T.C. Williams High School track, 3330 King Street, Alexandria VA | Map
  • November thru March:
    Thomas Jefferson Community Center track, 3501 2nd Street South, Arlington VA | Map

    Weekly Workout
    • Warm-up laps finished by 6:55 PM.
    • After warm-up, our standard workout on Mondays is 10 repeats of (200 meters run + 200 meters recovery); and on Wednesdays, 5 repeats of (800 meter run + 200 meters recovery), both starting at 7:00 PM sharp
    • Each workout includes instructions, flexibility drills, short sprints, recovery segments, and post-workout stretching and strengthening exercises.
    • Besides these workouts, you can share workouts via our Facebook page.
    • The goal is to approach near-race pace, about 85% of maximal effort.
    • Each workout is led by an experienced coach, including Elizabeth Row and Jay Jacob Wind.
    • Elizabeth Row (571-255-9559)
    • Jay Jacob Wind (703-927-4833)
    • All PVTC workouts are free, but you may donate $5.00 to the coach.
    • Entering TJ: Young athletes may enter TJ for free.
    • Adults must either be members of TJ or pay a daily rate of $4 for seniors, $8 for Arlington residents, $16 for non-residents
    • We buy a group ticket so all non-member entrants to TJ can pay just $8 to the coach
    More Information
    Register for the Program

    Fill this PDF form online and print.
    Mail the form and your check to PVTC, 611 South Ivy Street, Arlington VA USA 22204