Why we do what we do: "This Workout Might Help Reverse the Aging Process, According to a New Study" in New York Magazine

Our Program

Potomac Valley Track Club hosts twice-weekly speed training sessions for sprinters and distance runners of all ages.


Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:00 PM-8:00 PM


  • November 1 thru March 27:
    Thomas Jefferson Community Center track, 3501 2nd Street South, Arlington VA | Map

  • April 1 thru October 30:
  • Outdoor track season begins for us on April 1, but we can't find one track that fits all of our workouts
  • After careful research, Wren Rudolph found a combination of tracks available on Monday and Wednesdays in April and May:
  • DateDayOutdoor Track
    04/22/2019 (April)MondayT.C. Williams (WAKEFIELD UNAVAILABLE)
    04/24/2019 (April)WednesdayFalls Church High School (T.C. WILLIAMS & WAKEFIELD UNAVAILABLE)
    04/29/2019 (April)MondayWakefield
    05/01/2019 (May)WednesdayWakefield (T.C. WILLIAMS UNAVAILABLE)
    05/06/2019 (May)MondayWakefield
    05/08/2019 (May)WednesdayT.C. Williams
    05/13/2019 (May)MondayWakefield
    05/15/2019 (May)WednesdayT.C. Williams
    05/20/2019 (May)MondayWakefield
    05/22/2019 (May)WednesdayT.C. Williams
    05/27/2019 (May)MondayWakefield
    05/29/2019 (May)WednesdayT.C. Williams
    June, July AugustMonday & WednesdayT.C. Williams

  • Venues:
    • Edison High School track, 5801 Franconia Rd, Alexandria, VA | Map
    • Falls Church High School track, 7521 Jaguar Trail, Falls Church VA | Map
    • T.C. Williams High School track, 3330 King Street, Alexandria VA | Map
    • Wakefield High School track, 1325 South Dinwiddie Street, Arlington VA | Map

    Weekly Workout
    • Finish your warm-up laps by 6:55 PM
    • After warm-up, we begin our standard workouts at 7:00 PM sharp
      • Mondays: 10 repeats of (200 meters run + 200 meters recovery)
      • Wednesdays: 5 repeats of (800 meter run + 200 meters recovery)
    • Each workout includes instructions, flexibility drills, short sprints, recovery segments, and post-workout stretching and strengthening exercises
    • Besides these workouts, you can share workouts via our Facebook page
    • The goal is to approach near-race pace, about 85% of maximal effort
    • Each workout is led by an experienced coach, including Elizabeth Row and Jay Jacob Wind
    • Elizabeth Row (571-255-9559)
    • Jay Jacob Wind (703-927-4833)
    • All PVT.C. Workouts are free, but you may donate $5.00 to the coach
    • Entering TJ:
      • Young athletes may enter TJ for free
      • Adults must either be members of TJ or pay a daily rate of $4 for seniors, $8 for Arlington residents, $16 for non-residents
      • We buy a group ticket so all non-member entrants to TJ can pay just $8 to the coach
    More Information
    Register for the Program
    • Fill this PDF form online and print it
    • Mail the form and your check to PVTC, 611 South Ivy Street, Arlington VA USA 22204
    • ... or bring the form to your first workout