PVTC earns Arlington's 2018 "Do For Kids" Award

May 10, 2018
    Potomac Valley Track Club receives Arlington County's "DO FOR KIDS CHAMPION" award
  • On Thursday, May 10, 2022, Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families presented its annual "Do For Kids Champion" award to Potomac Valley Track Club. In APCYF's press release in May, 2018, , they wrote, "PVTC, an all-year training program for young athletes in competitions such as running, walking, jumping and throwing, is changing young peoples' lives by teaching students values of hard work, practice, setting goals, helping one another, and building relationships with mentors. Along the way, young athletes also learn about nutrition, posture, balance, strength, flexibility. PVTC creates an environment that is family-oriented and focused on helping youth mature as athletes and as people. The organization is volunteer-driven by a multitude of excellent local and highly competitive athletes of all generations, including "ancient seniors" in their 80s and 90s – proving to young athletes that running can be a lifetime sport, if nurtured well!"
  • PVTC is now listed on APCYF's List of Champions, and many photos by APCYF's Michael Swisher are up'n'running.
  • PVTC board chair James Pearce, president Craig Chasse, and secretary Jay Jacob Wind, along with director Jerry Bookin-Weiner and treasurer Jen Stephens, attended the presentation and received the award on behalf of PVTC.
    PVTC board chairman James Pearce, president Craig Chasse, and secretary Jay Jacob Wind