­Jay Jacob Wind, Potomac Valley Track Club, December 6, 2011


1.                  To open an event number, e.g., Event #1:

2.                  Click <Set Up> until you see [Event Number]

3.                  Click <Enter> to confirm that you want to change [Event Number]

4.                  Display says

Event# = (something)

Enter New # =>

5.                  Type the desired event number, e.g., 1

6.                  Click <Enter> to confirm


a.         If display says

EVENT           CHTE              0.0

      1               11                X-C

                        then you’re ready to go to Step #8

b.         If, however, display says

CHT 11 and a time, e.g., 59.0


                        Click <Set Time>

                        Display says

Set Time Clock:

H:M:S =>  0

                        Click <Enter> to confirm                                            0

Click <Enter> to confirm Select Count Direction      [Up]

Click <Enter> to confirm Multiple Starts:                  1


8.                  When the starter signals the start (verbal “Go,” flag, gun, hand, or whistle)

Click [Start Time]

9.                  As each finisher approaches the finish line, enter the bib number

10.              As each finisher finishes, click <Enter> to record a finish time

11.              In case of a tie:  If two finishers approach together, enter both numbers

and click <Enter> twice

12.              After the last finisher finishes, to stop the clock,

Click <Start Time> and <Clear> together.

13.              Return to Step 1 above and enter a new event number.


For each event, on the printed tape, please write the distance and the heat number,

                  e.g., 400m H1, 400m H2