Potomac Valley Track Club - Newsletter

PVTC Spring 2021 Newsletter

From PVTC president Craig Chasse
Hello PVTC members It has been a long time since we have gotten together. But things are looking better for the immediate future!

One of many club membership benefits: We extended everyone’s membership an extra year because COVID cancelled so many of our events this year. But if you did not renew in 2020, please consider doing that now at www.pvtc.org/join
  • We hope our next social gathering is be in-person at an outdoor venue (June 17 - details TBA)
  • Our next LDR race is Go Fourth 8k again in Vienna VA on July 4 at 7:30 AM
Up next in the area:
  • June 5 and 6 is the Mega-regional at the outdoor track at PG Sports and Learning Complex outdoor track.
  • Although it is not officially a club event, but we do need club members to step up and help at the event.
  • Sign up for events on-line
  • NOTE: The deadline for the mega meet is 5/28 at noon. There is NO late period. There are NO late entries!
  • We will try to add some relays, but you must already be entered in the meet by noon on Friday 5/28 to be on a relay!
  • Also, if you need to renew your USATF membership: please note that it is not instantaneous, so factor this in if you plan to renew and enter the meet.
  • Right now, the total number inside the fence at the PG complex is limited by COVID rules, so we will need help with monitoring the gates along with help at the events.
  • We hope local restrictions will lighten by the meet, but right now we plan to have a bullpen for running events outside the fence and a team area outside the fence, as you may be required to leave the stadium right after your event to stay under the maximum number inside the venue.
  • If you can help, please contact Jerry Bookin-Weiner at throwsguy@gmail.com We plan to re-start our all-comer meets this summer.
  • We are eyeing one potentially Saturday, July 10, at Madison HS in Vienna and one in mid-August at Wakefield HS in Arlington, then Potomac Valley Games on Labor Day weekend, and a one-hour walk at the end of September, locations TBA for the Games and hour walk
  • We also plan to host a pole vault officials clinic for those interest in learning how to officiate a new event, and we will have pole vault practices at Wakefield this summer 1-2 times a week, dates/times TBA
  • We also plan to continue hosting race walk clinics before each of our all-comer meets. To expand this trend further, if you are interested in hosting a clinic (for any other event or for one of these) at a facility near your home and can secure the location, please let us know and we will make it work!
  • Also, we are expanding our uniform selection to include team jackets, wind pants and singlets (which we have many of), I will have them for sale at the mega meet. Singlets are $45, and you can try on other items (speed tops or spandex shorts) to decide what else you want to get. Jackets are $60, and wind pants are $50. Please write me at pvtcpresident@gmail.com if you want one and we can send you payment info links (still in the works)
We are proud to be a club for all ages, all paces, all ways!
Craig Chasse, president, Potomac Valley Track Club