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Potomac Valley Track Club, long one of the premier race-walking clubs in the country, hosts race-walk clinics for beginning and experienced race walkers.

Race walking has an efficient, smooth, flowing style and can be an enjoyable addition to your fitness program; it is also a local and international competitive sport at all levels, including the Olympics.

Depending on your choice of intensity level, it can range from moderate exercise to a fast-paced, highly aerobic, full-body workout. It is a far lower-impact sport than running and provides comparable conditioning benefits for your health.

Keg and Elizabeth were featured in a video from USATF Masters Fall Virtual Challenge
  • USATF Masters Fall Virtual Challenge video from The Bell Lap
  • Don't want to watch the whole thing? Fast forward to:
    • 0:29-43 Keg Good (ground hog was the only witness to Keg's 5k walk)
    • 0:44-50 Elizabeth Hancock
    • Top 10 men:
    • 2:13-20 Rich Detskas mile walk (We don't know who he is but its great that 3 walkers were listed in the 20 people highlighted.)
    • Then: top 10 women start at 3:11
    • 3:23-29 Elizabeth Hancock Mile walk
    • 4:27–40 Keg Good sprints & jump (one of these pictures was not from this meet. Sorry, no walk pictures)
  • From the summer challenge:
  • Maryanne Daniel was listed in this video

  • For further information about racewalking, please call Art and Becky Klein (540-699-2693) or Art Klein (831-234-1739) before 9:00 PM or write to boopwalk@yahoo.com