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Racewalking Workouts

Racewalk Clinics


Potomac Valley Track Club, long one of the premier racewalking clubs in the country, hosts racewalk clinics for beginning and experienced racewalkers.

Race walking has an efficient, smooth, flowing style and can be an enjoyable addition to your fitness program; it is also a local and international competitive sport at all levels, including the Olympics.

Depending on your choice of intensity level, it can range from moderate exercise to a fast-paced, highly aerobic, full-body workout. It is a far lower-impact sport than running and provides comparable conditioning benefits for your health.

  • PVTC's board agreed to change the name of the one-hour race walk to the Good & Wood Memorial One-Hour Racewalk.
  • As stated before, we are unable to secure a track facility for a formal event, and this is the time of the year when we annually host this race.
  • So, PVTC will host a virtual one-hour walk starting Saturday, October 10, until Saturday, October 31, which you can walk one hour any time during that period.
  • This is unofficial of course, but you can record your distance (road or track) in miles, and we will convert it to meters.
  • You can submit your distance to me, and you have until November 7 to submit.
  • Art and I will give out some of our vintage racewalk and USATF swag to the winners.
  • We were hoping to host a social distance walk and picnic here at our house in Stafford, but Art sprained his ankle and feels he wasn't up for a walk.

For further information about racewalking, please call Art and Becky Klein (571-402-7102) before 9:00 PM or write to boopwalk@yahoo.com