Race Walking Programs

2023 Good and Wood Memorial One Hour Race Walk and 5,000m Run

Sunday, October 22, Madison High School, 2500 James Madison Dr.

Race Day Registration Only
9am Hour Walk $10 members, $20 non-members
1030am 5km run $5 members $10 non-members
We need judges and volunteers (lap counters), contact Art Klein at art.klein@rocketmail.com to volunteer.

Race Walk Clinics


Potomac Valley Track Club, one of the premier race-walking clubs in the country, hosts race-walk clinics for beginning and experienced race walkers.

Race walking has an efficient, smooth, flowing style and can be an enjoyable addition to your fitness program; it is also a local and international competitive sport at all levels, including the Olympics.

Depending on your choice of intensity level, it can range from moderate exercise to a fast-paced, highly aerobic, full-body workout. It is a far lower-impact sport than running and provides comparable conditioning benefits for your health.
Keg and Elizabeth were featured in a video from USATF Masters Fall Virtual Challenge USATF Masters Fall Virtual Challenge video from The Bell Lap

Don't want to watch the whole thing? Fast forward to:
  • 0:29-43 Keg Good (ground hog was the only witness to Keg's 5k walk)
  • 0:44-50 Elizabeth Hancock
  • Top 10 men start at 2:13-20
    • Rich Detskas mile walk (we don't know who he is but its great that 3 walkers were listed in the 20 people highlighted)
  • Top 10 women start at 3:11
    • 3:23-29 Elizabeth Hancock Mile walk
    • 4:27–40 Keg Good sprints & jump (one of these pictures was not from this meet. Sorry, no walk pictures)
From the summer challenge, Maryanne Daniel was listed in this video

For further information about racewalking, please contact Art Klein by email at art.klein@rocketmail.com.