One Hour Postal Racewalk and 20KM Racewalk
T.C. Williams High School
Alexandria, Virginia
November 7, 1999
Results compiled by Valerie Meyer

    In the One Hour Postal Racewalk format, the entrants walk as many laps as they can in an hour. These results are sent into the National Postal coordinator, Shore AC. They are then compared to all other racewalkers who completed a One Hour Racewalk in 1999. Medals are awarded to the top overall walkers, the best walkers by 10 year age groups, and the three-person teams with the greatest total distance.

    Cooler weather moved into the area overnight accompanied by gusty winds. Jim Carmines took the early lead and never relinquished that position. Kora Boufflert, Alison Zabrenski, and Tim Good were involved in the closest contest of the day. They stayed together through the first 13 laps with Kora out front breaking through the stiff wind. Tim fell off the pace first with Alison staying close for an additional 7 laps. These three finished within 200 meters of each other with Alison setting another personal best through the 10KM (25 lap mark). The top four walkers passed the 10KM mark (lap 25) in the following times: Carmines: 51:34; Boufflert: 54:20; Zabrenski: 54:43; and Good: 55:37.

    Boufflert, Zabrenski, Lois Dicker and Michael Schwed bettered their total distance from their Hour Walk on October 3rd.

    New PVTC members William Babson, Don Culkin, Kelly Clements, and Chitra Mohle walked their first race with mixed results. Despite a couple of disqualifications, these first timers came away with positive feelings.

    The Hour Postal Racewalk was followed by a 20KM Racewalk. Just three people turned out for this race. Gretchen Eastler Fishman turned in a quality time of 1:41:02.7 for the win.

    The lap recorders were Valerie Meyer, Stephen Zabrenski, Don Riggs, Marvin Dicker, Scott Bentley, Bill Leggett, Debbie Babson, and John Gilchrist. Ari Guttmann handled the water station.

    The judges were Sharon Good (chief), Marjorie Corrallo (Hour Walk only), Randy Yohe, Ron Clarke, Jean Wood (20KM only) and Norm Brand. Bob Briggs was the recorder and Mil Wood handled the DQ board.

Hour Postal Racewalk Results:

Name                 Age Sex City State Club Total Meters
Jim Carmines         56 M Etters PA PVTC 11551
Kora Boufflert       33 F Washington DC PVTC 11035
Alison Zabrenski     20 F Bowie MD PVTC 10932
Tim Good             40 M Falls Church VA PVTC 10806
Alan Price           52 M Washington DC PVTC 9793
Victor Litwinski     56 M McLean VA PVTC 9196
Lois Dicker          60 F Silver Spring MD PVTC 9058
Michael Schwed       58 M Silver Spring MD PVTC 8966
William Babson       46 M Rockville MD PVTC 8561
Don Culkin           34 M Arlington VA PVTC 8115
Liz Gilchrist        44 F Falls Church VA PVTC 7972
Keg Good             42 F Woodbridge VA PVTC 7705
Terry Hamilton       71 F Reston VA PVTC 7489
Kelly Clements       33 F Arlington VA PVTC DQ
Chitra Mohla         52 F Vienna VA PVTC DQ

20KM Racewalk Results:

Gretchen Eastler Fishman 27 F N. Reading MA 1:41:02.7
Tara Shea                21 F Huntsville AL 2:10:22.2
David Doherty            29 M Arlington VA PVTC DQ

Gretchen's 10KM split was 48:13; Tara's was 62:17; and David's was 57:57.

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