2004 PVTC Menís Decathlon and

Womenís Heptathlon Championships

June 26-27, 2004 Ė Langley High School, McLean VA


Womenís Heptathlon (open)

(100m H, High Jump, Shot Put, 200m, Long Jump, Javelin, 800m)

(1st Day Score, 2nd Day Score, Total)

1) Danielle McNaney (21) Kansas City, Kansas

(14.90s, 1.67m, 10.22m, 26.42m, 5.30m, 40.20m, 2:27.80)

(2978, 2035, 5013)


Menís Decathlon

(100m, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, 400m, 110mH, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin, 1500m)

(1st Day Score, 2nd Day Score, Total)

Menís Decathlon (50)

1) Tony Markley (50) Lovettsville, VA

(13.20s, 4.56m, 8.17m, 1.47m, 62.50s, 20.06s, 21.86m, 2.40m, 26.77m, 5:59.64)

(3005, 2043, 5048)

Menís Decathlon (17)

1) Doug Zimmer (17) McLean, VA

(12.17s, 5.71m, 7.66m, 1.87m, 54.19s, 17.36s, 20.80m, 2.97m, 26.40m, 5:13.38)

(2808, 1958, 4766)

Menís Decathlon (Sub-Masters)

1) John Jones (35) Springfield, VA

(12.17, 5.21m, 10.3m, 1.62m, 61.86s, 18.73s, 29.24m, 2.87m, 37.81m, 7:16.99)

(2616, 1905, 4521)

Men (open)

DNF - Alan Mitchell (21) Baltimore, MD

(11.62s, 6.27m, 13.05m, 1.77m, 52.79, 15.86, 43.23, 2.97, 48.66, DNS)

(3337, DNF, DNF)

DNF - Mark Cunningham (33) Santa Monica, CA

(12.22s, NM, 11.50m, 1.77m, DNS, DNS, DNS, DNS, DNS, DNS)

(1886, DNF, DNF)


**Blue Bold denotes best mark at any PVTC Decathlon/Heptathlon

***Red Bold denotes age group record

Thanks to our many volunteers:

Stacey Knobler, Craig Chasse, Jen Stephens, Sharon Good, Roland Elliott, Don Riggs, Sandi Lovelace, Kunle Lawson, Tony Dziepak, Kevin McPeak, and Phil Adams