Nutcracker 1M / 5K / 4M
Dowell MD
Saturday, December 21, 2019
  • Race directed by Tami and Don Graf, Chesapeake Bay Running Club
  • Results compiled by Jay Jacob Wind. Send additions or corrections.
    ## Name G Age City State Time M F ========================= = === ======================== ====== === === One Mile 1 John Way M 54 Rockville MD 7:04 1 2 Ezra Tonkyro M 8 Leonardtown MD 14:18 2 ========================= = === ======================== 5000 Meter Run 1 John Oplinger M 42 King George VA 18:42 1 2 Anna Staats F 20 Lexington Park MD 20:57 1 3 Rob Clinton M 37 Lexington Park MD 21:13 2 4 Dave Walser M 61 Lusby MD 23:54 3 5 Charlene Staats F 57 Lexington Park MD 25:32 2 6 Kate Barrett F 43 Tall Timbers MD 26:35 3 7 Jay Jacob Wind M 69 Arlington VA 26:51 4 8 Liza Recto F 63 Lexington Park MD 27:05 4 9 Jody Ellen Fagnano F 57 Leonardtown MD 28:02 5 10 Amy Werking F 46 Solomons MD 31:52 6 11 Mike Fagnano M 57 Leonardtown MD 32:18 5 12 Heather Boynton F 43 Lexington Park MD 32:39 7 13 Kristina Smith F 40 California MD 32:40 8 14 Carlson Rapp M 6 Lexington Park MD 32:49 6 15 Crystal Rapp F 51 Lexington Park MD 32:49 9 16 Perry Rapp M 54 Lexington Park MD 46:04 7 17 Porter Tonkyro M 8 Leonardtown MD 46:05 8 18 Ruth Tonkyro F 42 Leonardtown MD 46:06 10 19 Jeanne Larrison F 64 Chesapeake Beach MD 47:13 11 20 Martin B. Greenbaum M 74 Lusby MD 47:15 9 ========================= = === ======================== Four-Mile 1 Noah Wood M 36 Prince Frederick MD 25:46 1 2 Dawn Hammerer F 53 Leonardtown MD 38:55 1 3 George Sisson M 72 Owings MD 45:15 2 ========================= = === ======================== Volunteers: Kathryn Edgar Don Graf Tami Graf Jay Jacob Wind Nutcracker Races 2019 by Liza Recto 'Twas the twenty-first of December, the last day of fall, And twenty-five runners answered the call To run the Nutcracker, a festive small race With a choice of distances to suit anyone's pace. But even before the starting gun fired Some runners toed the line seemingly tired. But they didn't complain, for at their insistence They ran pre-race warm-ups of ridiculous distance. The Idiots' Half, a newish tradition, Is generally run by those with ambition To drag themselves out of their beds before dawn. This year the idiots were Perry, Anna, and John. Less idiotic were Heather and Kris, Who loosened and limbered with a sensible six. Some of us didn't even bother with strides. We chose to warm up by socializing inside. John came from Rockville to run just a mile. We hope the festivities made the long trek worthwhile! His sole competition was a Tonkyro twin, So each of them posted an age-group win. Again the 5K was the most popular distance. The youngest competitors ran with assistance. Crystal helped Carlson in finding his pace, And Perry ensured Porter didn't get lost in space. Ruth logged more mileage herding her sons After one mile with Ezra, she wasn't yet done. Like Little Bo Peep, a shepherdess wary, She ran back up the road to find Porter with Perry. John Oplinger wrapped up his Idiot's Half. Likewise did Anna, two minutes abaft. Perry took longer to log thirteen-point-one, Since he wasn't racing, just running for fun. Rob, running briskly with a hold on third place, Thought, “I just can't get Walsered - oh shame, oh disgrace!” But with a strong lead on the eponymous Walser The threat in his mind could not have been falser. Charlene, five minutes behind daughter Anna Had a lock on the title of female second banana. Kate ran steadily, determined to stay Ahead of the almost-septuagenarian Jay. Liza tried gamely to pass Jay, but too late. She'd started with Jody at a conversational rate. She narrowed the gap with a cadence quite quick But it wasn't enough to match his strong kick. Though she started out easy, just rolling along, Jody picked up the pace, and finished quite strong. Three minutes ticked by, and then came a cheer As Amy, then Mike, were next to appear. Amy came in at a leisurely trot, While Mike had been walking more often than not. Heather and Kris crossed the finish all smiles Despite having run about nine-point-one miles. Crystal and Carlson finished in sync. Her fingers were frozen; his cheeks were flushed pink. Then came another grownup-child mix Perry and Porter, and Ruth just for kicks. One minute passed, and next on the scene Were Candy Man Martin and pho-jog-rapher Jeanne. They'd gone the full distance, but not in a hurry, With Jeanne snapping pics of each runner a-scurry. The four-mile competitors numbered just three, Noah won handily, but who knew there could be - No one has counted, but by my avowal - So many ways to run four miles through Dowell? Though the course is well-marked, I can say with conviction That year after year, there is always confliction. Someone turns early, another too late, Or misses completely and continues on straight. Noah was sure he'd gotten it right. As did George, who'd kept the markers in sight. But one way or other, they make up the distance. Dawn did it by circling the parking lot with persistence. Results were tallied by Tami and Don Assisted by Katie, who'd forgone this run. Jay entered the data to make it official. For e-mailing results, this would be beneficial. By now we were ready for some Christmas munchies: Cookies and candy, a Chex Mix so crunchy, Warm eggnog – that's different! – served up by Ruth. An assortment of treats to satisfy a sweet tooth! Kris had made a cheesecake so rich, Garnished with chocolate, and upon which Were crushed candy canes to add minty flavor. A mixture of tastes and textures to savor! To celebrate Crystal's birthday, day after, We poked candles into the cheesecake with laughter That should there be a blaze, it would promptly be doused, Our race venue being the Solomons firehouse. The finishers' medals, Tami's creation, Are always nut-themed, or some variation. This year they were pine cones, dressed as small Christmas trees, To hang on your own tree, or wherever you please. There was an assortment of prizes, and the pile diminished As we chose from the table in the order we finished. Books, hats, and ornaments, assorted race swag. Binoculars, an aloe plant, a shoulder bag. The gear was stowed, the tables were stacked. The floor was swept, and the leftovers packed. And so we wrapped up another edition Of the Nutcracker races, a Christmas tradition. Huge thanks to the Grafs, who keep this race going, Whether raining or sleeting, or freezing and snowing, And to all who contribute by running or baking, Timing, computing, cleaning up or donating. For the best holiday running, this race makes the cut! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good nut!