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October 4, 2004
Dear Friend:

    Please vote to preserve our greenspace, improve our community park system, and provide the required funding to create a new park and recreational, fitness and aquatics facility in Arlington.  Please vote YES for the Bond Issue for Arlington's Parks at the polls this November 2.

    Every two years, Arlington's voters determine Arlington's future by considering a set of bond issues.  This year, we have a unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity at the North Tract to approve a major new project, converting 28 acres near the 14th Street Bridge from an abandoned industrial area into a park, featuring state-of-the-art athletic facilities including an indoor aquatics, sport, and fitness center, multiple synthetic grass athletic fields, central public space, bikeways, and open lawn area.  We also have the opportunity to redevelop, enhance and improve existing facilities including Greenbrier and Barcroft Parks and Fairlington and Arlington Mill Community Centers.

    Arlington is one of the most densely-populated counties in the nation. Over the last 24 years, Arlington's voters have recognized the importance of parks and open spaces for our growing, diverse population and have approved bond proposals to develop and maintain the county's parks and recreation facilities. These bonds enabled Arlington to acquire land for nature centers, soccer fields, running and biking trails, historic preservations like Fort C.F. Smith, and to build facilities like Thomas Jefferson Community Center and Barcroft Recreation Center.  Park bonds also helped to support public art, cultural activities, and improve and enhance our existing parks.

    The 2004 Bond Issue for Local Parks and Recreation totals $75,395,000, including these components:     For more details about the 2004 Bond Issue, see our Question-and-Answer page.

    Endorsed by Arlington County Civic Federation and Arlington Sun-Gazette

    Northern Virginia Journal discussed the Bond Issue on Tuesday, September 28.

    Letter to the editor in The Washington Post, October 13

    You can help in three ways:

Thank you for your support!
Larry Finch (703-528-6349), Doug Ross (703-528-6386), Neal Sigmon (703-684-8622), Toby Smith (703-553-7732),
Jay Jacob Wind (703-218-2726, fax 703-521-6157)

Please send to VOTE YES, 5275 Lee Highway, Suite 102 · Arlington VA 22207-1619 · or via e-mail
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[__] I endorse the 2004 Bond Issue for Arlington's Parks 
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[__] Prepare mailings                   [__] Post signs / help at polling places 
[__] Write letters to newspapers  [__] Post a Vote Yes For Arlington's Parks lawn sign

[__] I enclose a donation of [_] $2 [_] $5 [_] $10 [_] $25 [_] $50 [_] $75 [_] $100 for the campaign

You can e-mail the above information to Larry Finch

ENDORSED BY: Elected officials: Arlington County Board members Barbara Favola, Paul Ferguson, Jay Fisette, Walter Tejada, and Chris Zimmerman; School Board members David Foster, Elaine Furlow, Libby Garvey, Mary Hynes, and Frank Wilson; State Senator Mary Margaret Whipple; State Delegates Robert Brink, Adam Ebbin, and Albert Eisenberg; Sheriff Beth Arthur; former State Delegate Karen Darner; Organizations: Arlington Aquatics Club Boosters; Arlington Chamber of Commerce, Arlington County Civic Federation, Arlington County Democratic Committee, Arlington County Park and Recreation Commission, Arlington County Sports Commission, Arlington Soccer Association, Arlington Sun-Gazette, Arlington Travel Soccer Club, Arlington Women's Soccer League, Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment, Friends of Arlington Parks, Potomac Valley Track Club, Wakefield High School PTA, Washington-Lee Athletic Booster Club, Yorktown High School PTA; Arlington residents: Corinne Abbott, Jackie Afram, Christer Ahl, Dean Amel, Karen Ashbrook-Barnes, Eliza & Harry Bacas, Beth O'Connor Baker, Bob Ballen, Charles Barnes, Andrew Barr, James Barr, Howard Beales, Susan Beaulieu, Michael Beer, Gary Belan, Charlene Bickford, Liz Birnbaum, Suzanne Bolton, Bill Braswell, Kerry Britton, Lewis Bromberg, Carrie Bromberg, Mark & Nancy Buchholz, Elizabeth Bull, Kevin Carey, Sally Carson, Darnell Carpenter, Eric Cassel, Louise Chestnut, Donald Clarke, Stephen Cleary, William Connolly, Jane Constantine, Sally Cooper, Lyndell Core, Alisa Cowen, Shannon Cunniff, Prentiss de Jesus, Jeff DeHart, Ed Demoney, Lucy Denney, David DiNardo, Rich Dooley, Lynn & Mark Dorfman, Tamara Dreyfus, Irene Dudley, Harley Duncan, Russell Duncan, Nancy Etkin, Peter Fallon, Steve Ferber, Larry Finch, James Finley, Janine Finnell, Anne Fisher, Alfred Foreman, Samantha & John Foti, Teera & McGehee Games, Steve Gell, Martha Cole Glenn, Julie Goler, Reneé & Jeff Gorsky, Madi Green, Mark A. Greenwood, Paul Gruber, Peter Guerrero, Ron Haddox, Rebecca Halbe, Brian Hannigan, Peter Harnik, Eric Harold, Sarah Harrs, Carol A. Harvey, Joy Hecht, Bryna Helfer, Edna Hernandez, Tanya Hileman, Moses Hillegas, Cynthia Hilton, Patricia & Rob Hines, Bob Hirama, Dwight Hlustick, Van Hoffman, Peg Hogan, Kristen & Patrick Hope, Randall Humm, Jim Hurysz, Joshua Israel, Jay Jacob Wind, Carrie Johnson, Terry (Mary T.) Johnson, Fred Jones, Isabel Kaltenbach, Herschel & Ruth Kanter, Carolyn Kaucher, Rose Kehoe, Val Kitchens, Jay Kress, Amy Kress, Nishanka Lahr, Dave Lassiter, David & Nancy Leach, John & Jeanne Logtens, Alfonso Lopez, D.K. Lynn, John & Willa Marr, Kathie Bailey Mathae, Jack & Susan Mayo, Doug McLennan, Anne Segrest McCulloch, Scott McGeary, John McLaughlin, Rebecca Mead, Bobby Meeks, John Milliken, Cam Modecki, Kathy & Guy Molina, Donald Mozingo, Allen Muchnick, Bill Murray, Dr. Mike Murtha, Betty Nelson, Warren L. Nelson, Tim Nixon, Karen Olmsted, Marie Pierre Meno Orsinger, Peter Owen, Eric Parker, Bruce Pearson, Betty Plummer, Melissa B. Pooré, Suzan Prokop, Jim Quesenberry, Dan Radke, Scott & Gwyneth Radloff, Michael Raizen, Marion Recktenwald, Richard R. Rhoads, W.T. Ritman, Michelle Robinson, Larry Rodriguez, Jesse Rosenthal, Maureen Ross, Doug & Lynne Ross, Peter Rousselot, Jason Rylander, Ted Saks, Marie Sansone, Carol Sargent, Terry Savela, Lew Sawyer, James Scarborough, Chris Scheer, Elinor Schwartz, Howard Seamens, Else Selman, Mike Shafer, Herb Shaffer, Ruth Sievers, Neal Sigmon, Eric Sildon, George Silva, Katie Slye, Janet & Toby Smith, Lisa Sockett, Scott Springston, Michael T. Steger, Tiziana Stella, Richard Stern, Carole Sullivan, Sharon Sundial, Eric V. Swanson, Tony Taylor, Meghan Thiel, Patricia L. Thiel, Kurt Thiel, Latanja Thomas, Jane Tingley, Grace Tippett, Andres Tobar, George Towner, Jack Turner, James Turpin, Dave Tyahla, Maria Velikonja, Douglas Watson, Nancy Weinberg, Martin Wells, Aileen Whitfill, Judith Yoder, Julie Zalkind

(See organizational affiliations)
2002 BOND ISSUE PROGRESS REPORT, based on status report from Lisa Grandle, as of July 20, 2004

In 2002, Arlington’s voters approved a park bond of $20,500,000 for these projects:

The County’s 2002 CIP also covers pay-as-you-go investments in parks, including Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority


  • $3,625,000 (1.85 acres) Jennie Dean Park
  • $1,800,000 (2.45 acres) Bluemont Park
  • $1,115,000 (0.95 acres) Oakgrove Park
  • $   325,000 (0.14 acres) Cherry Valley Park
  • $     27,000 (0.22 acres) Bluemont Junction Park