Potomac Valley Track Club - Twice Weekly Workouts


Why we do what we do:
Our Program
  • Potomac Valley Track Club hosts weekly speed training sessions for sprinters and distance runners of all ages
  • Summer is upon us, and thanks to the efforts of the many volunteers and healthcare professionals who have worked tirelessly to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to the public, we are making progress towards normalcy once again. Now that the CDC has lifted restrictions on vaccinated individuals, and USATF is once more allowing for track meets to be held, we feel safe and reasonable to resume sprint practices for those who wish to participate
  • Starting Monday, June 21, Coach Wren Rudolph leads sprint workouts for the summer season, set to wrap up around Labor Day
  • Now that it's summer, we no longer have to contend with high school sports for track availability
  • Times: Mondays & Wednesday from 7:30 PM to 8:45 PM
  • Location: Wakefield High School Track, 4901 South Chesterfield Road, Arlington, VA 22206 | MAP
  • Coach: Wren Rudolph (if he is ever unable to be there to lead, he will have a designated proxy to run the workout)
  • Workouts: Sprint training, focusing on distances from 100m through 800m
  • Typical workouts last around an hour, plus 10-15 minutes of stretching and warmups, and range from around 1400m to 2400m depending on the type of workout (speed, special endurance, tempo, etc.). We will also hopefully have some clinics to work on block starts, relay handoffs, and other related sprinting techniques throughout the summer leading up to any meets that occur
  • Equipment: Running shoes, water bottle (a must, it can still get quite hot over the summer even in the evening)
  • The coach participates in workouts as well, so while s/he often tries to track times on the fly for everyone participating, that can be impossible at times depending on the workout and athletes participating, so if you have a watch or stopwatch that you can use to track your own times, we recommend bringing it as well
  • We are open to all levels of experience, from people completely new to track and field to seasoned veterans of all ages
  • The first time you attend, check in with the coach so s/he can add you to the SMS/GroupMe list
  • Also, please subscribe to our announcements-only e-mail list -- send a message to pvtrack-sprints+subscribe@googlegroups.com
  • To accommodate everyone, practices are subject to change or cancellation depending on the group, weather, and venue availability
  • Also, please keep in mind that nobody is required to complete the whole workout, as the goal is to improve fitness and sprinting ability, and have fun doing so! As such I will often modify a workout for various individuals to help people avoid injury, get back into the swing of things, or otherwise get the most out of the training
  • As a courtesy to your fellow athletes, please join us at our sprint workouts only if you have been fully vaccinated
  • If you have a mitigating circumstance, please talk privately to the coach to discuss, as while we want to be as inclusive as we can, we have an obligation to make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe
  • Thanks everyone, and I look forward to running with many of you once more this summer!

  • -- Wren Rudolph
Comply with local and national health protection protocols
  • The global Coronavirus pandemic is a reality that all of us currently must face.
  • Right now, the best thing each of us can do is follow the prevention and mitigation guidelines issued by Center for Disease Control at this web page
  • Additionally, you can follow local guidelines and news for Arlington VA at this web page
  • You can monitor Arlington County Parks & Recreation Coronavirus closures at this web page and this web page
  • For those of you who still choose to participate in practices, we will do our best to follow the recommendations by World Health Organization (WHO) at this web page
To summarize
  • We will hold practices, but will take every precaution to maintain the recommended "social distancing" gap between participants.
  • That means no high fives, no back pats, no sharing of water bottles, and running with lanes between runners.
  • If you are or have felt any cold or flu-like symptoms, or have traveled to any of the areas (nationally or internationally) with confirmed Coronavirus outbreaks, please DO NOT ATTEND practice.
  • Please continue to take precautions and remain considerate of your friends, family, neighbors, and PVTC teammates.
  • All of us are responsible for doing our part, and while we all might like to just go on running and training together as usual, circumstances dictate that we can only do so with utmost care.
  • Thanks, everyone -- we hope you all remain healthy and safe!
For more information, contact coach Chris
  • All PVTC Workouts are free, but you may donate $5.00 to the coach